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Miss Lucy Makes A Fine Storm Shelter

The Main Dish here again writing to you directly from Heaven … scratch that … Coral Bay, St. John USVI.

My copilot is my dear friend Andrea, and we are on quite a ride.  Our first morning I knew exactly where I wanted to go … Miss Lucy’s out on the East End.  It just happens that it is Sunday morning, so getting there 30 minutes before it opens is a must.  We grabbed the table closest to the beach and ordered a Rum Punch because, well … we can.  When I tell you it is idyllic, I am understating it.  Look at the picture.  You’ll agree.

As soon as we chatted it up with our waitress Donna, who did an excellent job describing the full moon party to be held there this Thursday (note to self), we ordered.  Then the wind kicked up a bit and you could no longer see Peter Island… that’s island talk for … we have 5 minutes before the rain hits.  Not much here runs by a clock, but that did.  We grabbed our drinks (first things first), our roll-ups and the sugar and salt packets and ran to the bar… as any good islander would.  What a serendipitous party it was… our bartender Jim (a 70-ish expat from New York with a career as an oral surgeon, who ran to the islands as soon as his dog died… you see, everyone has a story here) was an excellent barstool companion.  Andrea had him in stitches of course, but it wasn’t until Jim started rolling the storm shutters down that the hilarity began, because you see, the folks sitting on the outside of the bar, toward the ocean, thought they were so clever.  little did they know that the storm shutters would come down between them and their brunch plate.  By the end of the rain squall we had met 3 new friends and recounted our reasons for flying south.  Dat is da way tings go here, ya know?

And oh yes, since this is a foodie blog, I had an amazing salmon and spinach scramble, and Andrea, the Eggs Benedict Island Style.  Sometimes its not all about the food.    Now about that Full Moon Party …

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