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Fabulous Food for Fido

Dog Treats - Dinners on DemandIf dogs are man’s best friend, then you want only the best for them, right?!  Well, we know where you can find the best hand-made treats that will make your pup very, very happy.  And they are GOOD for them! AND they’re on sale during Sidewalk Fest at The Culinary Center of Kansas City! Get 30% off our dog treats Friday and Saturday, June 19 & 20.

Our Dinners on Demand freezers in The Kitchen Shop always feature entrees, soups, sides and desserts that our amazing chefs prepare for you to stock up at home. And now, we added two types of dog treats, Pupcakes and Doggie Dips, in our Dinners on Demand freezers!

The Pupcakes are dog-friendly (people-friendly too, if you really want to try them!) pumpkin cupcakes that will absolutely make his day. Just thaw them and serve. (Or if your dog likes ice-cubes… this would be a treat to just give them to him frozen!)  They contain pumpkin, egg, vanilla, whole wheat flour, baking powder, honey and peanut butter, and they’re frosted with a mixture of plain yogurt and peanut butter. There are 6 to a box.

Our Doggie Dip dog treats are ready-to-eat little cups of canine pleasure that you can serve frozen or thawed. Your pup will happily crunch through the frozen pup-sicle, or let it thaw and he’ll lap it up like yogurt!. Either way, your furry friend will adore you for the snack. They’re made with peanut butter, honey, banana, vanilla yogurt and whole wheat flour — you’ll be tempted to try one yourself. They come in a box of 4 Doggie Dips.

C’mon, who’s your buddy? Come get him a treat!


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