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French Macarons w/Pastry Chef Natasha Goellner
Who's Who at CCKC

Meet Chef Natasha Goellner

This talented pastry chef is kicking off her CCKC class schedule with an ‘Art of the French Macaron’ class on Sunday, November 24, so click to sign up!

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Let's Talk Turkey!
Cooking Classes

Let’s Talk Turkey…

Ready to host Thanksgiving dinner? Have you been asked to take a dish to a Thanksgiving meal with family or friends? Let us help you prepare for this big-deal meal! 

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How To Cut An Onion
Ask the Chef

Don’t Be A Cry Baby!

Love onions but hate the tears? Learn to cut an onion properly and you can avoid ’em! CCKC Exec Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt shows you how…

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Everyone has a Cooking Fail
Crumbs from the Floor

Everyone Has A Kitchen Fail

Even here at CCKC, we have experienced ‘Cooking Fails’ just like everyone else who has stepped foot into a kitchen. They make for some funny memories…

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Chicken Parmesan
Lunch @ CCKC

OK, OK, Here’s The Recipe!

If you missed our last Pop-Up Lunch, you missed a really great one!  We have heard from many who want the recipe for the Chicken Parmesan, so here you go…

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