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Here’s Our New Normal!

We’re gearing up to host classes and events in our kitchens again! If you listen hard enough, you’ll probably hear us hoopin’ and hollerin’ all the way from Downtown Overland Park. We have missed the smells, the food, the laughter and YOU! Not to worry, we’ll still offer ONLINE classes if you are more inclined to #StayAtHome a bit longer or if that’s YOUR new normal now.  We opened our Kitchen Shop on May 19 and we’ll host our first ONSITE class in our kitchens on May 30. We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you celebrate the magic that happens in our kitchens.

Nothing has changed in our approach to sanitation or your safety when you’re with us for a class, a private event or to shop in our Kitchen Shop. We’ve always followed the rules… and always will. But our ‘new normal’ will include a bit of a change in protocol and set-up in our kitchens.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • All of our classes during the month of May will be “demonstration only,” even if they were originally billed as “participation” at any level.  You’ll still get the same high quality culinary education, but in May you won’t be getting any “hands on.”  Beginning in June, we will have some limited-participation classes.  Any participation by a student or guest is elective, as always.
  • Social-distance seating is a no-brainer. We will ensure seating leaves a safe 6-foot space between you and your fellow students.  Here’s a peek at our teaching kitchen.
    A socially-distanced Tuscan Kitchen
  • If you sign up for a class with a friend or family member on the same account, we’ll assume you want to sit with them
    (not 6+ feet away). If there is someone else in the class who signed up separately but with whom you feel comfortable sharing a table, please note it when registering for the class.
  • A digital copy of the class booklet will be emailed to students a day before class so that you can print at home and bring your own copy, if you prefer.  We will use the email that you used when you registered for the class.  If you registered for more than just yourself, please forward a copy of the recipe booklet to your guests.  Note that we will print the recipe booklet for anyone who would like one upon your arrival.
  • Disposable silverware used for tastings will be provided in separate sealed packets.
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages with them, if desired.  We will provide a small bottle of water and will have coffee available.Safety first!
  • Staff will continue to follow all safety and sanitizing procedures, as always. Class and event facilitators and volunteers will wear masks and gloves. Instructors will wear masks and gloves except when they are behind the teaching island, leading the class.
  • Hand-washing stations are available throughout the CCKC, as always.
  • Gloves and hand sanitizer will be available on each table.
  • We encourage students to follow additional safety procedures that make them feel comfortable. Masks and gloves are optional, but recommended, for students. Wear that floral mask that Aunt Bea made for you.  We won’t judge. Bring your own apron, if you like. Whatever makes you feel the highest level of confidence.
  • We will, as always, clean and sanitize our kitchens between uses.
  • We are controlling the total number of shoppers at a time in The Kitchen Shop.
  • We offer the option of contactless payment with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, plus online purchase of many of our Kitchen Shop items, including our Made in our Kitchens chef-prepared dishes.

We thank you for supporting this small business as we maneuver the challenges during this ‘not so delicious’ time.

See you in our kitchens soon!

Laura Laiben
‘The Main Dish’

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