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Stuff To Know About Squash & Spelt

Farmer Steven brought some interesting things with him this week…

Can you name these veggies?

Turks Turbans squashHe brought both Turks Turban Squash and Mini Turks Turban Squash. While they’re edible and some people find them delicious, Steven thinks that besides their decorative appeal, their seeds are their best asset. He says they have particularly plump seeds, and they make terrific roasted ‘papitas’ (Spanish for ‘little squash seeds’).

He also brought along Spelt Buns. Spelt is a gluten-free grain, and it’s apparently kind of a ‘hot’ item these days with the recent emphasis on gluten-friendly cooking. Steven will be growing ‘hulless spelt’ this next year, so he’s looking forward to offering many more spelt products in the future.

Spelt Buns

His bakers have been experimenting with using the spelt in cookies and breads, and he said that they have found a trick to baking with spelt. The grain can give a harsh flavor to baking if it’s not properly cooked exactly right. They have found that adding nutmeg to the recipe helps the spelt cook to perfection.

Coming up next week… the last remaining vegetation that the Midwest has to offer from back in the days we were actually ‘the tropics.’  We’ll see if you recognize this one….

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