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Meet Delia, Our Dean of Deliciousness

Delia, our Dean of DeliciousnessWe have some fabulous folks here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City, and we love to introduce them to you. We just think you should meet them.  So, we profile some of these extraordinary friends of ours in our Kitchen Talk blog. Now, it’s time to meet the lady who organizes all the fabulous cooking classes here at The Culinary Center…  Delia Marin Hernandez is the focus of this month’s Employee Spotlight.

Ever wonder who this ‘Delia’ is, of our popular ‘Delia’s Delicious Deals’? It’s Delia Hernandez, our CCKC Dean of Deliciousness!

What a title! As Dean of Deliciousness at CCKC, Delia manages our 600+ cooking classes per year, working with our staff, chefs and instructors who share the same passion for food and culinary education.

With a work experience ranging from business management to non-profit leadership, Delia’s resume boasts helping to build new library in her community, international initiatives for the city, fundraising, and creative event planning during her time with organizations including Kansas Speedway and Habitat for Humanity.

Delia’s culinary passion was developed in her family’s Mexican restaurant, Marin’s La Fiesta Restaurant. And she cultivated her passion for food by learning everything she could from her parents’ authentic cooking and spending time with her grandmother to learn treasured family recipes from Mexico. Delia continues to nurture her family’s traditions, making sure her own children are comfortable and happy in the kitchen, ready to carry on her family’s recipes and traditions for more generations to come.

Delia loves introducing new class concepts and cooking series here at The Culinary Center, such as ‘Art & Cuisine’ with her recent, A Celebration Of The Food & Love Of Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera.  On October 30, she will be introducing ‘Menus & Music’ with a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Celebration.

Delia is always on the lookout for new instructors who have a passion for food and the culinary arts and who have the potential of sharing their talent with our CCKC students.  Think you have what it takes?  Send in your info by filling out a form on our website – click here.

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