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Our Dean of Delish is Crazy Today! She’s Practically Giving Away A Class!

Our Dean of Delish is a bit wacko, loco, coocoo – you get the pic.  She is offering a deep discount on one of our classes so we can fill every seat.  But hurry… it’s this Sunday evening. 

A perfect opportunity to learn how to make Perfect Risotto with a perfectly amazing instructor, Daniela Abel.
First Come, First Served. Register Now online!

$10 off our ‘Perfect Risotto’ Class this Sunday night at 6:30

You’ll get Hands-On experience as we take the mystery out of making Risotto, one of Italy’s most popular, classic dishes. Instructor Daniela Abel will teach the basics of preparing this delicious and delicate alternative to pasta, and you’ll be astounded at the many variations you can create to change it up! She’ll show us how to add fresh seasonal veggies like asparagus and wild mushrooms, fresh herbs and spinach among others, and we’ll set up our ‘Risotto Bar’ so we can pick and choose from these flavorful toppings to create our own perfect risotto!

Don’t delay – sign up NOW!


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