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FREE Knife Skills Class TODAY!

Here’s a special offer to ONLY our valued blog subscribers!  We have two seats in our Knife Skills II class today from 5:00-7:30. (See description below)   This offer is available to the first two callers to our Kitchen Shop (913-341-4455) when we open at noon today.  (Sorry we cannot accept emails or phone messages… only real live callers!  And also we can only allow one spot per caller.) 

Knife SkillsNow… if you don’t want to wait that long  or take a chance that you won’t be one of the first two callers, you could go online before that time and pay a discounted price of $40 to ensure your spot.  That’s a heck of a deal all on it’s own right?  

So what’s it gonna be? A great class at a deeply discounted class before noon today  … or a chance for a free class at noon!  You decide.   Get ready. Get Set. Go!

KNIFE SKILLS II – Advanced Knife Skills
Proper knife skills are the foundation for all cooking. When someone tells us they want to learn to cook, we immediately suggest that they take a couple of Knife Skills classes. It’s that important. If you would like to up your game in the knife skills area OR you would like to add to what you have learned in our popular Knife Skills I class, then this is the class for you! (NOTE: There is no pre-req required for this class.) You will learn to use a boning knife and a paring knife as Chef Richard McPeake teaches you the skillful and professional way of fabricating a whole chicken. We’ll produce Chicken Breast Supremes, Chicken Tenders, Semi-Boneless Chicken Thighs and Legs, and we’ll practice the art of roll cutting and tourney, a classic Fresh vegetable cut that many chefs still attempt to perfect! In addition, we’ll discuss various types of boning knives and their uses, sharpening, storage and other important information. This is a full “hands-on” class under the supervision and tutelage of one of the best, Chef Richard McPeake. (You may bring your own boning knife/knives to class, or you may use ours.) So what to do with all this chicken and vegetables you’ve masterfully cut during class, you say? Well, it would make sense that you would also learn how to make a proper chicken stock, now wouldn’t it? So, we’ll do that too! (Snacks) HO

Sun. 11/29/15 |  5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Regular pricing is $60, but we have DISCOUNTED TO $40.
If either seat is still available at noon, then it’s free to the first two callers at 913-341-4455.


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