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Thankful for my Culinary Peeps

Consider this a belated Thanksgiving shout-out to the folks here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City. The group pictures in the slideshow below were taken at a breakfast we shared at Cozy’s in Overland Park just before Thanksgiving. It was a chance to gather and socialize and reflect on fun times and prepare for the busy holiday season ahead. And most importantly, to show gratitude for the blessing we all feel at working together at The Culinary Center. Not to get too corny here, but we do have a pretty swell group of employees.

After breakfast, our ‘Main Dish’, CCKC owner Laura Laiben handed out little cards on which we could write a ‘gratitude’ sentiment we felt about The Culinary Center. We went around and shared, if we wanted, what we wrote.  A good deal of them mentioned the sense of family that we feel working here at CCKC. Sort of gave us all a warm, fuzzy feeling as we headed toward Thanksgiving. Our little gratitude cards are now hanging from a tree in our Kitchen Shop at The Culinary Center. Stop by to visit and feel free to add a note yourself!

We are also grateful for you, our Culinary Center customers, students and friends.  We get to work with food-loving, excited, interested, happy people every day. How blessed are we?!  Thanks to you all!

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