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What’s Your Teen Doing Over Spring Break?

Give us 2 days and your teen (ages 13-19) will be nuts for healthy cooking! Our JCA Healthy Cooking Spring Break Boot Camp for Teens will help steer your teen away from fast food to much healthier food options.

Fruits & VegsCulinary Instructor Rachel Ciordas, an expert in healthy cooking, will teach them how to prepare delicious and healthy foods, using grown-up techniques and a heaping dose of fun. This Hands-On class that will also cover essential measuring, mixing, peeling and cutting skills as they work alongside Rachel in this two-day “cook-a-thon”.  They’ll discover their “inner health nut” as they learn about taking the fat and calories down by preparing awesome snacks like Smoky Guacamole with Homemade Tortilla Chips, scrumptious salads (like her California Chopped Salad with homemade healthy creamy herbed ranch dressing), Soups (such as “Swiss Tomato soup with Parmesan Crisps), and a home-cooked entrée of Roasted Chicken with 3-Herb Chimichurri Sauce – just like Mom makes!  And, what teen doesn’t like Pizza?!  Rachel will teach a simple but impressive Pizza and Quattro Staggione (4 Seasons) Pizza – a traditional Italian pizza made with homemade whole grain pizza dough with fresh seasonal toppings.  They’ll finish each day on a sweet note as they create a Delicate French lemon yogurt cake with blueberry sauce, and more!

They’ll walk away from this course with tons of confidence in their new ability to “do this thing!”, and will be well on their way to a whole new way of healthy cooking!  It’s that simple. Step aside, Mom….your teen is going to make dinner tonight!  Classes include all recipes with complete nutritional information; graduation certificate and a great big sense of pride for a job well done!)  Don’t wait to sign up for this one – class size is limited.

2-Day Healthy Cooking
Spring Break Boot Camp for Teens
Monday 3/14 and Wednesday 3/16

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
includes Tastings & Lunch Both Days) – HO

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