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Kansas City ‘Makers’ Strut Their Stuff

Kansas City 'Makers'Gosh, we hate to toot our own horn, but ‘toot, toot!‘ – we have managed to put together a REALLY impressive line-up of Kansas City ‘Makers’ for one class next Wednesday at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.  And FEAST Magazine’s own Catherine Neville will be here to help us celebrate these folks.

The contemporary “makers culture” emphasizes the learning and use of practical skills which have many of our talented young folks flocking to the cooking, crafting, and “making” skills that many of us missed out on in our youth, and which now are so important as we build (or continue to build) our homes and start families.  Thus, the “Makers culture.” 

Kansas City 'Makers'We in the Midwest are a mere stone’s throw from these skills since so many can still be found in the kitchens of our Midwest families.  We can think of no better example of this philosophy than KC’s own brother/sister entrepreneurial team of Ben & Jess Anthony (“Wood + Salt”) who are committed to small batch organic and locally sourced spice blends, brines, rubs, infused sugars and finishing salts. They were with us recently for a class and we realized the true beauty of their work and the depth of their culinary knowledge. 

In addition, we couldn’t forget the culinary artistry of Chef Charlie Hammond with his newest passion – infused vanillas (“Vain Vanilla”).  He’s even going to show us how to use infused vanillas to create a trendy craft cocktail.

Kansas City 'Makers'On Wednesday evening, they will join with some of their KC artisan friends (Tim & Laura Tuohy with KC Canning Co.; Leroy Shatto with  Shatto Milk, and the folks at Weib Dairy, Our Sassy Pantry and Goddard Farms, to name a few) and will lead us in a cooking class focused on the bounty of artisanal products found in the Heartland.   These talented artisans believe that it’s important to get the word out on the beautiful foods that are to be found right in our own backyard, so they will explore a menu that highlights local ingredients and purveyors that are indigenous to Kansas and Missouri.  Our bet is that you will not believe their passionate approach to food and life. It’s a power-packed class brimming with culinary experience and acumen.  

Our evening will begin with a craft cocktail stirred up by Chef Charlie, and a three-pairing of some very special local cheese, preserves, and honey. Next, we’ll learn about a Cascavel Rose Rubbed Roasted Beef served with a Chianti-based garnishing sauce, a beautiful side dish of Turnips au Gratin, Sauteed Onions, and Smoked Peppercorns in a Cream Sauce, and more. Dessert will leave you tapping your shoes together and wishing for just one of these folks to cook for you in your own home!  

And, if that’s not enough talent in the house, FEAST Publisher, Catherine Neville, will be with us this evening weighing in and social marketing the class LIVE to their readership.

Poise your pen for great information, recipes, fantastic tastings, wine (of course!), and gifts! Now, there’s a value for ya!   

Sign up TODAY, as seats are limited for this one-time opportunity on Wednesday, April 13, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

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