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Dash For These Deals… They’ll Be Gone Monday!

Our Dean of Deliciousness is at it again.
She has cooked up deals that you’re going to LOVE!  

Kitchen WarsDelia’s Last-Minute Deals Offer
10% OFF
the following classes.

Deals End Monday, May 2 at Noon

Fiesta Cinco de Mayo!
Thu, May 5, 2016 
|  6:30-9:00
Was $55
  Now 49.50

Cinco de Mayo (or as we like to call it around here, Cinco de Drinko! (don’t judge) is a festive south-of-the-border holiday celebrated with lively music and lots of piquant Mexican dishes. Your pallet will scream “Ole!” as it explodes with bold and exciting flavors as you learn authentic Mexican dishes like Mexican Fideo Pasta with Chicken, and a Mexican classic, Tres Leches Cake. Then, it’s hands-on as you work alongside Chef Vega to make Beef & Cactus Fajita and Quesadillas. Wear your comfortable party pants and a sombrero, if you dare! This is gonna be a fun night!
(Tasting)  LHO

Flavorful Weekend Nights:  Thai-rific Cuisine
Fri, May 6, 2016 
|  6:30-9:00
Was $75   Now $67.50
Discover the secrets of exotic Thai cooking as you are guided through this fascinating world of spices and flavorful dishes. Fundamentals taught as we learn to make Red Curry Chicken “Southern-Style,” Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, a delicious Thai dessert with a kick, and more. (Dinner) LHO

Flavorful Weekend Nights:  Party Bites
Sat, May 7, 2016  |  6:30-9:00
Was $75   Now $67.50
Learn to make unique, sophisticated appetizers so your next party will be the one they remember: Caesar Salad in an Edible Cheese Bowl, Brie en Croute, Smoked Salmon & Avocado Stack with Balsamic Smear, Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, and Sweet Pea Hummus on Pita Toast Points. Chef Tinkham shares cost-cutting tips and creative presentation ideas, too. Let’s get this party started!
(Heavy Appetizers) LHO

Mon, May 9, 2016 
|  6:30-9:00
Was $65   Now $58.50
Chef Hirang will show you how easy it is to make the basic types of rolls in this popular hands-on class. Sushi Rice, popular sushi ingredients, how to buy and store your fish, hand-rolling and presentation techniques, and much more. You’ll learn to speak sushi with terms like “Nigiri”, “Temaki”, and “Oishii”! C’mon…. get your sushi on in YOUR kitchen!
(Tasting) HO

What are you waiting for?!
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p.s. Sorry, but these deals are NOT retroactive.


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