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October’s Local Maker of the Month

Vain Vanilla's Kate & CharlieDid you know we feature a Local Maker of the Month in our Kitchen Shop at The Culinary Center of Kansas City?  Better yet, you get 10% off your purchase of items by that Local Maker all month long! 

This month, our Local Maker of the Month is VAIN Foods, Inc., creators of unique vanilla extracts like Indonesian vanilla in cane rum, Mexican vanilla in bourbon and Tongan vanilla in orange vodka, as well as flavorful coffee drops.

Kate Banks and Charlie Hammond, founders of VAIN Foods, are two friends who share a love of cooking and great ingredients. Kate loves to bake, teach cooking classes, and has an obsession with vanilla. Charlie, who occasionally teaches cooking classes at The Culinary Center, is a trained chef with Southern roots and a passion for distilled spirits. A few years ago, they combined their interests and began making their own vanilla extracts.

These flavors were so enjoyable that their friends would beg them for bottles of their delectable concoctions. It soon became clear that they should share their vanillas with others, so in 2015 they began sharing their extracts with bakers, mixologists and foodies everywhere.

By combining high-quality spirits and the best vanilla beans available, VAIN vanillas have incredibly distinctive flavor combinations, making VAIN’s impact on everything from cookies to your coffee truly remarkable.

We’ll have the folks from VAIN in our Kitchen Shop this Friday at Local Life, and they’re bringing samples of a Cranberry Orange bread made with their Tahitian Vanilla extracted in Cane Rum. Stop by The Culinary Center to meet them and talk about vanilla.  Take advantage of the 10% off to get a start on your holiday shopping!

Vain Vanilla

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