Flavor! Dining Series

Use Your Party Planning Superpowers

Foodies love to create wonderful food to share with others around the table.  They also love to throw parties.  Why not turn one of these into an opportunity to do good in your community?  If you already entertain in your home, it could be as simple as turning one of your dinner parties into a 2019 FLAVOR! party.

Flavor! Launch PartyThe Culinary Center of Kansas City is partnering with Thrive Health Connection (formerly Good Samaritan Project) to support its 2019 FLAVOR! Dining Series which is looking for party hosts.  What better group of folks to tell about this great opportunity than our own CCKC foodies!

FLAVOR! is a series of uniquely themed dinners, parties and events scheduled this year between the 4th of July and Thanksgiving that take place in homes and venues around the Kansas City area. Generous hosts open their homes or businesses to produce everything from an intimate seated dinner or a casual backyard BBQ to a large themed soiree. Any experience is possible! 100% of ticket proceeds from each party will support the good works of Thrive Health Connection, a regional healthcare leader and influencer providing inclusive holistic and integrated health and wellness services to individuals affected by HIV and other STI’s, LGBTQ communities and those seeking a welcoming and affirming health and community center.

An event may be designed as open to the public or as a private event open only to a guest list chosen by the host.  Party sizes have ranged from 8 to 180 guests with tickets ranging from $25 to $200. Hosts cover the costs for the party and/or partner with other hosts or vendors, if desired. Thrive Health Connection will happily provide support to each host with their party planning.

Promotion for public events will be managed by Thrive Health Connection through a targeted marketing campaign including the official website and social media platforms. They will also manage ticketing and sales.  For private events, assistance is available for invitations and marketing to the host’s private guest list.  For all parties, hosts are also encouraged to get the word out about their party through their own social media and word of mouth. 

Not as comfortable throwing a party as you are attending one? That’s fine too!  Just follow the FLAVOR! Dining Series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the particulars on all of the parties with tickets available for purchase by the public.

If you’d like to chat a bit about hosting a FLAVOR! party, just click here to contact our Main Dish Laura Laiben, who will be happy to provide more information or answer your questions.

Throw a FLAVOR!-ful party… or attend a FLAVOR-ful! party. Either way, it’s all for a great cause.

(Click for more info about the Flavor! Launch Party…)

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