Chef Dana Holland

Chef Dana’s Next 8 Classes…

Chef Dana HollandWe were thrilled, earlier this year, when a talented chef walked through our front door and introduced himself as a new chef to the area, looking for an opportunity to share his culinary knowledge as an instructor.

Chef Dana Holland may be new to the KC area, but he sure as heck isn’t new to cooking OR teaching. This well-seasoned chef has been in the food biz for more than 35 years, doing everything from cookin’ up restaurant concepts, developing computer software for cost & recipe management, catering, and being Executive Chef of a restaurant to appearing in (and WINNING) Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!  What can’t this guy do?!

When he wasn’t busy with all that, Chef Dana found time to travel and learn cuisines of the world. Like, a lot of travel. He spent 18 weeks in Switzerland, 6 weeks in France, 4 weeks in Mexico (twice), 15 weeks in the Caribbean, 4 weeks in Hawaii, 5 weeks in Italy… and more.

Chef Dana knows cooking and flavors, for sure. And he loves to share his knowledge and his passion with our students. 

Here’s a look at Chef Dana’s next EIGHT classes on our schedule.  Click on the titles below for more information (and look on our full class calendar for a complete list of his classes on our schedule):

·        Sonoma Valley Wine Country Harvest Dinner  (Fri 10/04)

·        Handmade Pasta-Palooza! Pappardelle, Linguini, Ziti and More… including Simple Sauces  (Tue 10/15)

·        Makin’ Bacon! The Fundamentals of Curing Sausage, Pancetta and More!  (Fri 10/20)

·        ‘Spread’ the Love: Dips, Spreads, Fondue and Homemade Lavash  (Tue 10/22)

·        Dinner in Havana  (Fri 10/25)

·        From Pantry to Pan – How to Build & Cook from a Well-Stocked Pantry   (Tue 10/29)

·        The Asian Market: An Interactive Asian Market Tour and Hands-On Cooking Class Experience  (Sat 11/02)

·        En Provence – A Taste of the French Countryside  (Fri 11/08)

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