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So Much Going On!

by Rachel Ciordas, our “Dean of Deliciousness”

Well, we just have so many fantastic things going on over here I can hardly stop working long enough to tell you about them!! I must say that I am really excited about the Downtown Dinner Club on Saturday night.  We’ve spiffed up the piano, transformed ourselves into a swanky bar and funky Dinner joint and I cannot wait for everyone to stream in, kick back, and have a great time!!! Oh… and the best part, as a graduate of the prestigious “Professional Series” of classes Chef has invited ME to help him and the crew prepare dinner. (Yay!!)   It will be an event not to be missed folks, come over between 6pm and 9pm on  Saturday April 10th, have a drink, great dinner, stop in the shops Downtown to get your $10 Culinary Center gift certificate, and make sure you say hello to the “Dean of Deliciousness!”

As excited as I am about Saturday… we can hardly get through one exciting event before the next on is upon us!

Next Thursday 4/15 6:30-9pm Larry Wheeler’s teaching all the girls how to create fantastic ambiance in your house!!! He’ll teach us all to master the glue gun and you’ll get to take home a personalized 16 inch wreath!  This is a ladies only event complete with girly libations, an appetizer and dessert buffet, and serious creative fun!

Calling all Saucy Cooks! On Saturday 4/17 6:30-9:30 we’re gettin’ saucy over here and learning how to make classic and contemporary sauces… this is the final touch that makes all the difference!

Last time Aaron Dearinger from Annedore’s taught a class I was the lucky recipient of an “extra” truffle egg…. biting into that egg was pretty much a life changing experience.  I fully intend to hang around on Sunday 4/18 when he comes back to teach us all about Caramel Creations and give him big puppy eyes.  I can only hope he’ll take pity and throw a caramel my way! Don’t risk missing out, sign up and ensure you’ll taste the amazing creations and be able to recreate them again at home; we’ve still got a few spots left!!!

I can’t let you go without a mentioning the “More Sushi at Home” class on Monday April 19th 6:30-9pm.  Chef Sophia Chatfield makes it easy to impress your family and friends with amazing sushi!!! They won’t believe you could have made something that good…

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