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Cookin’ with Daniela Mancinelli Abel

The Culinary Center of Kansas City is fortunate to have some of the best and the brightest culinary educators in the industry. Our instructors come with a wealth of knowledge and skill in the culinary arts, from all walks of life. Some are CIA-trained Chefs, some are passionate home cooks who were practically born with a whisk in their hand, and others are former restaurant or bakery owners all passionately sharing their skills with our students. We will be shining the spotlight on our instructors monthly, giving you a peek into their culinary world.

First up – One of our newest instructors is Daniela Mancinelli Abel, who will be specializing in all things Italian. Ciao, Bella!Daniela Abel

Growing up in a big Italian family, Daniela knows and loves Italian cooking, and her background in training and cooking lessons makes her a natural as a culinary instructor here at CCKC. Italian food is her forte but she also dedicates a lot of energy to cooking with organic, seasonal and non-GMO produce. Sh can’t wait to show the beginner cook how easy, fun and affordable it is to make delicious and sustainable meals.

  • Who or what inspired you to become a chef/instructor?
    My amazing, dynamic, incredibly loud Italian family (who all cook) but especially my mom. My mom is dance teacher and a darn good one at that, she always saw in me a natural born teacher and always encouraged me to combine my passion with food with my love of teaching.
  • What is your ingredient obsession?
    SEA SALT, which is relatively new for me. I’ve always used Kosher salt which is easier to control and tastes better than regular table salt… but sea salt… it’s a gift from the gods. You need less of it, it has almost a floral bouquet to it, and it is never harsh. I LOVE IT.
  • What is your top restaurant recommendation in Kansas City?
    We’re new to the KC area, but so far I’m NUTS about Extra Virgin downtown. We went there for my 30th birthday, and I’ve never had such inventive and incredible small dishes. My family and I love small plates because it’s a fantastic way to try EVERYTHING.
  • Daniela AbelWhat is your most indispensable cooking tool?
    My Shun chef’s knife. When I’m teaching (especially beginners), I tell them that they cannot even begin to love to cook without a good knife. It starts and often ends the cooking process and a bad knife is absolute hell to work with.
  • Favorite cheap eat?
    Not to have a shameless plug… but it’s honestly my Pasta Faggioli that my grandmother taught me and I teach in “1 Sauce, 12 Meals.” It costs just dollars to make and it’s the most satisfying, hearty and heartwarming soup EVER.
  • Who is your favorite chef?
    Hands down, Giada DeLaurentis. She’s my hero, one of my inspirations, and I turn to her all the time for recipe ideas! A close second is Ina Garten, she makes everything – from her home to food – lovely.

Join Daniela for some of her great upcoming classes.
Don’t delay, seats are limited.

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