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Scary-Good Gadgets for Your Kitchen

As seen this month in the ‘Get This Gadget’ feature in FEAST Magazine, Culinary Center of Kansas City ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben reviews some gadgets from our Kitchen Shop that we think are pretty darn nifty. See if you agree…


What a hot little invention that makes pulling out and pushing in those hot oven racks devilishly easy!  Made of heat tolerant silicone, this handy little utensil adds a whimsical touch to a potentially dangerous situation.  Just hook the little devil on the oven rack and keep your digits cool.  Great for miniature “kitchen devils” learning to cook.  A perfect “non-candy” Halloween treat for their candy sacks too!  (Great idea huh?  You’re welcome.)

Joie - Devil Oven Pull~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Charles Viancin – Steamer/Colander

It’s really not only for cabbage… it’s just shaped like it.  Another product in the long line of temperature-resistant silicone kitchen helpers. What makes this item different, however, are the built in handles which allow you to steam, cook or reheat in it, and then just pick it up to remove it from the hot pan or oven.  Generous size to make it practical as a colander as well. Rolls up for efficient storage.  She’s a keeper!

Charles Viancin - Steamer/Colander

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