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Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

As seen this month in the ‘Get This Gadget’ feature in FEAST Magazine, Culinary Center of Kansas City ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben reviews some gadgets from our Kitchen Shop that we think are pretty darn nifty. See if you agree…


Here’s a simple answer to the age-old issue of brown sugar becoming hard as a rock in your cabinet.  This sweet little clay figure. We have them in Gingerbread, Teddy Bear and Leaf shapes.

Simply soak in water for about 20 minutes and stick it in with your brown sugar and it will stay moist for over 3 months!  Also works well with cookies, marshmallows and even dried fruit.  Rinse and reuse again and again. (Click here to order on our website.)

Brown Sugar Keeper



Magic is alive and well in this revolutionary little knife! Using a cutting-edge design and made from thermal conductive titanium that transmits heat from your hand to the blade of the knife (ok so there IS science to support the magic), this lightweight knife will make spreading cold butter straight from the frig a breeze. Makes a great party trick too when you use it to cut straight through an ice-cube. I’m just sayin…   (Click here to order on our website.)

SpreadTHAT! - Butter Knife

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