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Induction Cooking 101

Do you know what induction cooking is?

In a nutshell, induction cooking technology uses magnetic energy to move around molecules in your pan and heat your food instead of heating the pan itself in order to cook your food. So the induction cooktop doesn’t get hot, and it provides an even heating for your pans.

Induction cooktops have been used Europe and Asia for years, and are finally becoming more popular in the United States. In recent years, the technology has improved, as have the prices. Now, it’s common to see induction cooktops being used here by both professional chefs and home cooks.

Your pots and pans must be ‘induction-friendly’ to use the induction cooktops. You can test if your cookware is induction-friendly with a magnet. If a magnet clings to the bottom of your pans, you’re good to go with an induction cooktop! In general, your cooking vessel must contain a ferromagnetic metal, such as cast iron and some stainless steels. (There are ferromagnetic disks available to use as hotplates that enable you to use other pots.)

Our  own line of professional grade ProSeries Cookware is induction-friendly and makes a perfect gift for the foodie on your list!  We startled a few guests in our Kitchen Shop when our Vitacraft representative, Karie Keeney, left a sheet of paper on the burner while she taught us about induction cooking.  Induction Cooking 101 lesson.  Check!

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