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Gadgets of the Month

As featured in the March issue of FEAST Magazine … and on our website, here are two great kitchen tools recommendations  (Gadgets of the Month) this month.
You can buy them on our website – click here!

Norpro Butter KeeperSpread your butter with ease with the Norpro Butter Keeper. This porcelain crock defies gravity as it stores your butter on the counter just the way that Granny did. It can hold a full stick of butter and keep it without refrigeration for a month. With just a little bit of water to seal the edges, the butter keeper provides fresh, spreadable butter. Mmmmmm…

Onion GogglesGrill or chop like a pro with these RSVP Onion and Grilling Goggles.  With anti-fog lenses and a foam seal, these goggles offer protection from the tears of onion chopping and grill smoke. And with a variety of colors available, they just look cool!  (Our Main Dish, Laura Laiben, says her boyfriend uses them for woodworking also!  Go figure!)    

To purchase either – or BOTH – of our March Gadgets of the Month, click here to visit our Culinary Center website! 

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