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Show You Care With “Dinners on Demand”

This is a Dinners On Demandâ„¢ delivery that went out of our Kitchen Shop at The Culinary Center of Kansas City last week…

Dinners on DemandThe lucky recipients of this delivery were new parents, just home from the hospital with their baby. The gift was from co-workers of the new dad.

What a great way to show you care! I mean, flowers are beautiful, but…. The gift of delicious chef-prepared meals brings an unbelievably grateful and enthusiastic response every time. We get orders like this at The Culinary Center of Kansas City frequently. Our Dinners on Demandâ„¢ deliveries are perfect for new parents, people recovering from illness or going through rehabilitation or treatments, or for older friends or parents who may not otherwise be eating proper meals regularly. Did we mention they are perfect to have in  YOUR freezer too?!  Uh huh.

Dinners on Demand deliveryOur Dinners on Demandâ„¢ freezers are filled with entrees, soups, sides, desserts, etc. made with love by our chefs. We keep an updated list of what’s in our freezers on our website at kcculinary.com.  Just visit the Dinners on Demandâ„¢ page and click on the ‘What’s For Sale Today?’ button.  Want an extra bonus? We offer free delivery (within 15 miles of Downtown Overland Park) on orders over $150!

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