Let's Talk Turkey!

Let’s Talk Turkey…

Let's Talk Turkey!Thanksgiving is near…  Are you stressing because it’s your turn to host the Thanksgiving dinner? Have you been asked to take a dish to a Thanksgiving meal with family or friends? Let us help you prepare for this big-deal meal!  We have tips, tricks and recipes that will help you impress your guests while enjoying a low-stress holiday.

Here are some classes that will take your skills to a new level when it comes to getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table… or any other dinner, for that matter.

  • The Plant-Based Holiday Table: A Thanksgiving Meatless Menu (Sun Nov 10)
    Why do vegetarians and vegans always get stuck with Tofurky on their Thanksgiving table? Seriously, is that the best we can do? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a foolproof menu that would make even the most die-hard vegetarian jump with joy? Well, here you go.
  • Pastry Fundamentals: I Love You, Pumpkin (Mon Nov 11)
    We’re smack dab in the middle of fall, and that can only mean one thing – it’s finally time for that beloved fall obsession… pumpkin! Instructor Leighana Williams will show you how to make pint-sized Pumpkin Bundt Cakes along with a fresh-made Maple Cream Cheese Icing. Learn the art of pie making, both traditional and hand pies. Plus Leighana will share her favorite recipe for Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Coffee Cream!
  • Thanksgiving 101 with Chef Richard McPeake (Wed Nov 13)
    Here’s the class that will de-mystify the cooking of the ole’ holiday bird…and how to prepare traditional side dishes! Whether you plan to oven roast, grill, smoke, or fry your turkey, Chef Richard McPeake, an amazingly seasoned culinary instructor and chef of 30+ years, will explain absolutely everything you need to know.
  • Toasting the Holiday Season (Thu Nov 21)
    Bruce Campbell, the “Prince of Cocktails,” the “Master of Mixology,” will show us how to mix the perfect seasonal cocktails to toast the holidays. Learn to make some hot and cold beverages to celebrate the holidays. Get ready to be educated in the art of the Hot Buttered Rum… then, on the cool side, we’ll learn how to make Old-Fashioned Egg Nog, Cranberry Caipirinha and my personal favorite, the Candy Cane Martini. And explore several variations of sparkling wine cocktails including Mimosa, Kir Royale, Pink Rose, Holiday Bellini and Champagne Punch!
  • A ‘Spirited’ Holiday Kick-Off Party… featuring Homemade Liqueur & Infused Booze (Sat Nov 23)
    Grab your friends and get ready to kick off the holiday season with some “spirited” fun as you join Chef Dana Holland for a homemade liqueur and boozy-infused cocktail party! You’ll learn to make Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur and Limoncello, along with interesting cocktails that incorporate each liqueur.  That’s not all, Chef will also explore infused spirits like homemade vanilla vodka, as well quick tips on infusing your own booze, what liquor to choose (and why), how to purchase necessary supplies and perfect flavor pairings.

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