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You can't lick the bowl watching the food channel
Cooking Class with Chef Jill
Cooking Classes

Commit Tuesdays To Cooking Better!

Chef Jill, our CCKC Lead Instructor, has launched a slew of Tuesday night CookBetter™ classes designed to speak directly to the home cook who really wants to become… well… a better home cook!  

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How To Make Great Gravy
Ask the Chef

How To Make Great Gravy!

Gravy is a vital part of the Thanksgiving meal to many people. For Chef Jill, it also brings memories of time spent in the kitchen with her grandma, learning the tips & tricks to making the gravy just right…

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How To Use Leftover Pretzels
Ask the Chef

Don’t Get All Twisted

Don’t get all twisted about what to do with your extra pretzels! One of our favorite staples of Oktoberfest is the Pretzel! Chef Jill shows you some tasty ideas for the ubiquitous pretzel.

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