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Minestrone Soup

Halloween = Soup Night

CCKC Brand Evangelist Marti shares a Minestrone Soup recipe that is a big part of Halloween tradition for her family and friends…

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How To Cut An Onion
Ask the Chef

Don’t Be A Cry Baby!

Love onions but hate the tears? Learn to cut an onion properly and you can avoid ’em! CCKC Exec Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt shows you how…

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Everyone has a Cooking Fail
Crumbs from the Floor

Everyone Has A Kitchen Fail

Even here at CCKC, we have experienced ‘Cooking Fails’ just like everyone else who has stepped foot into a kitchen. They make for some funny memories…

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Chicken Parmesan
Lunch @ CCKC

OK, OK, Here’s The Recipe!

If you missed our last Pop-Up Lunch, you missed a really great one!  We have heard from many who want the recipe for the Chicken Parmesan, so here you go…

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Hansel & Gretel's Revenge
Holiday Parties

Creative Holiday Fun

Enjoy our newest holiday party model with your group this year… Hansel & Gretel’s Revenge. Edible holiday architecture at its finest… and no one gets pushed into the oven!

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Chef Andrew Kneessy
Cooking Classes

Meet Chef Andrew…

Today’s spotlight shines on our newest instructor, a chef with national (+ international) experience, who has cooked for presidents and who has a passion for pairing wine + food…

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It's Time To Book Your Holiday Party!
Holiday Parties

Top 8 Reasons To Party With Us!

Get ready to check “Plan Holiday Party” off your list.  We’ve cooked up a batch of unique holiday event ideas that would make even The Grinch smile.  You’ll be the one with the feather in your elf hat now! 

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